NewEarth Festival : The bridge between the Ancient and the Future

My Tour de Force around Gaia brought me to mesmerising island of Bali, a truly magical land of both tranquility and high vibrational madness. Everything happens for a reason, they say, and the reason for me to walk on this land was found quite organically. I am a knowledge addict, wisdom hunter and worshiper of the intellect. I strongly believe we are in the moment of global transition into a New Earth Nation where the will to coexist, learn from each other, progress in peace and evolve consciously, will propel us beyond the broken facades of politically constructed frames right into a new land of Pangea Ultima. The global transition isn’t a myth or a desire, not is it a concept. It is a fact and as we, conscious wanderers, artists, wisdom keepers, scientist and healers, evolve in peace and grow strong in numbers more and more inspirational movements and creative collectives emerge to conflate pieces of scattered wisdom. This all is happening now, one Planck frame at a time, full throttle.

Hey, did I just mention NewEarth Nation? Yup, my excitement reaches the zenith as I will be co-creating one of the most intelligently conducted festival I could have dreamed about by a bunch of devoted inspirational spirits, whom I am a big follower for quite a while now. Talking about the NewEarth Nation, a fellowship of sovereign nations and micro-nations founded in recognition of the primacy of consciousness, the unity of all life and the undeniability of the individual sovereign condition. The tribe is calling, the call is answered.

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NewEarth Festival: Ancient Futures, an inaugural baby born by New Earth Nation, described as “TED Talks meet Burning Man” will launch this April in an idyllic and serene location around Villa Akasha, a fifteen minute drive outside of Ubud, where I currently happen to reside, in the beautiful and tranquil village of Keliki, and will act as a hub for visionary creatives, change makers and thought leaders who are bridge-builders between communities across the world and who thereby inspire others in their transition. What can be better than learning and expanding consciously? Well, learning and expanding consciously while having a total blast wrapped in tons of great fun, of course!

Ancient Futures NEF Sponsor_Pack_02

The gathering will follow a narrative arc in accordance with a transition of the four elements.


Beginning with Earth Day and an anchoring within the ground of be-ing, there will be a conscious exploration and exposition of Economics and Ecology.


Friday will honor this life-giving element that most keenly defines us as a galactic species. On this day conflict-resolution, peace and the extension of forgiveness will be considered alongside a consideration of the full spectrum of remediation technologies, medicaments, cures and innovations which invite health and wellness amongst humankind.


On Saturday there will be a move to Air and the dynamic transmission of ideas and ideation. The old and outdated notion of education will be steered into a new paradigmatic shift in which sovereignty, augmentation and creative expansion become our new métier.


The gathering ends with Fire and Ether. Breakthrough technological innovation, the dynamic elevation of consciousness, the transmutation of gross elements into their celestial nature and the realisation of the elixir of life become our unified manifest destiny.

What excites me the most is the vast spectrum of knowledge one will be exposed to throughout the duration of the festival. To learn is to evolve and NewEarth Festival, trust me, I am inside, will serve as a perfect playground for all those who seek growth via conscious expansion of their sacred trinity-unity of  body, mind and spirit. With an aim to ignite inspiration by providing a platform to share knowledge, experience and ideas the festival will engage on multiple levels. Alongside amazing and inspirational talks, there will be a vibrant array of healing workshops from renowned healers, including yoga,  breathing practices, cacao ceremonies and meditation. First nations wisdom keepers’ will be holding space and sharing their knowledge in ceremony. The evenings will be a time to let go and party – filled with sounds from around the world with music, dance and spectacular performances.

Ancient Futures NEF Sponsor_Pack_02

The festival will be working with local Balinese families to help provide sustainable tourism during the event, hoping to maintain a legacy for the local community beyond the festival with a light as tread as possible on the earth.

Sacha Stone, Founder of NewEarth Nation comments:

“In keeping with the paradigmatic shift which we see all around us, Ancient Futures : NewEarth Festival emerges as the planetary flash-point for conscious community dedicated toward the elevation of art, beauty and consciousness over time, money and fear.“

Festival tickets can be found at NEF PAGE

You can check out full programme and learn more about speakers, artist and events here: NEF BLOG

Hoping to see you all in the land of transition, learning from the past and propelling each other into a bright future.

The time is NOW.


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