I Am The One Who Knocks

Knock, knock. – Who’s there? You. – Me? Yes, You.

Do you ever feel like there is a force inside of you that can’t be described, yet it is felt so real, it is almost a physical sensation? A sensation of belonging that reflects onto your reality, creating cognitive dissonance or even deep psychological confusion? Why are you here and what is your purpose? Do you experience a feeling of not being fully expressed or intellectually blocked or simply disempowered to bring meaningful actions to your life? A strong physical, psychological and/or emotional sensation of a barrier that prevents you from fully experiencing your nature, environment and people around you?

If anything from above mentioned symptoms applies, please keep reading.


There is a great chance that since you were born, your Higher Self has been constantly layered by the countless walls of social constructs and, essentially, locked in the prison of the matrix. You might have been stuffed with enormous amount of junk food prepared by an invisible cook in service of a big merciless construct, driven by greed and exploitation, that constantly tries to poison our thoughts with carefully crafted unhealthy recipes.

Your sacred creative forces, your internal wisdom, infinite intelligence and endless potential might have been temporarily suppressed, but Your Higher Self – endlessly loving, powerful and godly intelligent entity will gently, yet consequently push you towards all available tools that will help you create small cracks and, brick by brick, remove this broken facade of socially constructed prison.

It is time for you to craft your own, rich, nutritious and balance diet, called life.


Your Higher Self knocks at the doors of your reality. To quote Walter White from Breaking Bad and his famous line, your Higher Self is standing at the steps of your reality, knocking at the door and saying: “I am the one who knocks!”

The first Red Pill your internal High-Morpheus-Self will gladly offer to you is a seed of curiosity. It is one of the most important tools and also very unique, as it is given to all of us, no exception. Use it.

Forget about what they say. Curiosity never kills a cat, quite opposite, it awards a cat with brand new life and extended horizons.

Be curious. It is a valid and powerful element of your true nature. Curiosity is a part of your deep intelligence, it is a propulsion mechanism that ignites expansion. Take the pill of curiosity, surrender to it. Once humbly taken, your expansion will gain momentum and you will be surprised how many doors are there to be found and gone through. Try them, don’t be afraid. Be in charge of your reality. You are the architect of your landscape. Construct it to your own blueprints and be proud of the castles you erect.

Skeptics will look at you and judge your efforts. This is a part of escaping the matrix. You might lose your friends, who need you there at their side for yet another drug or alcohol fueled Friday party, your family may not understand and place judgement on your actions. You might be called a new age freak or worst, a member of a sect. This is normal and in a way expected. Let others have their opinion, smile, and stay strong soaked in light.
Be kind to skeptics, as healthy skepticism is nothing but a confused, side variation of curiosity. As far as it propels us to question everything and to conduct our own research in the fields of unknown, there is nothing wrong about it. I was and I am a skeptic about so many things, hence my never ending research and joy of exploration.

Don’t argue, don’t bring anger of misunderstanding to the table. Be yourself, be light, be humble and authentic. Don’t force the process on anyone. Your kindness is the most authentic and valid “argument” to be used against deep skepticism.


Use your internal, endless, intelligence to navigate through the expansion. Be a multi-directional bridge between the unknown, ancient wisdom, theoretical science and hi-technology. Letting your Higher Self influence your reality is never a case of limitation, nor is it an implication of denial of reality; instead it’s a beneficial and empowering act of self progression, mindful expansion of your horizons, extension of your cognitive capacities and a booster for your intelligence. Stay sharp Wanderer. Stepping consciously onto a path of reclaiming your reality is anything, but unnatural. It is the most organic gift one can be given to themselves. Trust yourself, as you are already light years ahead of those who blindly believe only the matrix is what can be perceived as real.


Stay close to yourself and your believes and don’t let the matrix pull you back. Award your friends and families with your new self. Be kind and gentle to them, as they are to be loved and understand too. They might be still stuck in the matrix, they might not be aware of the power of curiosity, but they will see and feel your transition in so many ways, if anger towards being misunderstood is replaced by the language of love and unlimited compassion. Deep inside, they will see it vividly.


Even among Light Workers a concept of permission slip sometimes emerges. “Why do you need Ayahuasca, my friend?”, “I can access same trough the act of meditation!”, “You don’t need this you don’t need that”. This is still a voice of your lower self wrapped in the veil of judgement. There are no permission slips in the process of expansion. There simply isn’t better of worse way to reclaim your reality. As a matter of fact, Your Higher Self does not even “know” the definition of “permission slip”, this term, purely subjective, comes from down below and implies there that “my way is better than yours”. It is not.

“Permission slip” phrase does not reside in the internal dictionary of your Higher Self.

Meditation, Ayahuasca, breath work, sound healing, kick boxing, you name it – Your Higher Self doesn’t really care which tool have you used to let it sneak back into the realm of yours.

The moment you are finally and fully inside/outside, creating your inner/outer realities, safe in your harmony, wrapped in the cocoon of authenticity, expressed via language of love, and purity, gently surrounded to your true and your only vibration, BINGO!, you are home again.


However, be aware of your progression and don’t lose the real connection in the search for the unknown, as there is no end to the lessons we can receive out there, no bottom to the endless well of stimuli, a hole with no end one can easily be lost in, and the harmony I see and want to see myself in for the rest of my life is the one in which healthy, organic balance between reality and dream is achieved and founded on a stable foundation of emotional concrete, love, compassion, understanding, acceptance and deep empathy. groundness is essential to build the stable foundation for your endless expansion. But that is a topic for another time.

For now, enjoy your new path Brother and Sister. Your Red Pills will work flawlessly. The reality of Yours will expand. You are already outside of the Matrix if you read this. You will meet a lot of people out here. Your senses and mind will sharpen. You are about to cherish your new You and the new reality of Yours profoundly.

Welcome on another side, Neo.

Photo and editing: © Karol Liver / PANEGAN PATH
Image and text: Karol Liver / Pangean Path.
Red Pill Image: Still from “The Matrix” movie.

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