Plants Are Allies – Educational Infographic Leaflets on Various Entheogens

The psychedelic, or should we rather say the Great Entheogenic Renaissance is certainly here, gathering momentum and attracting many who express a will, alongside basic human right, to try the ancient-old proved and available tools of personal and spiritual growth. We are on the edge of a gigantic shift – the allies of nature are out there everywhere, available and potent as they have always been and it is up to us now to fight for their rightful, legal and socially accepted place in order to contribute to our personal and collective evolution and a much brighter future.

Plants and their healing modalities may become this century’s new hope and a great chance for society to rewrite partially shattered connection to the ecosystem we inhabit and to restore our symbiotic, not destructive position in it. Above all, it is a great chance to reinvent the meaning of mental health and support, and provide people with the most important benefit, that of a choice.

If we ever want to live to a point where plants are widely accessible and legally accepted we have to support the movement in any possible way, open constructive spaces to host meaningful, critical and educational debates, support online movements, share positive experiences and valid information and above all, promote health and safety in plant-based and assisted medicinal work. This can and should be done it both online and offline environment.

To contribute to this movement, I would like to provide you with those carefully crafted, digital leaflets that serve as an educational and informational, shareable infographics about the various ceremonial and medicinal plants of the world, presented in a neat and readable format and ready for sharing. The information presented on the leaflets is credible and real.

You can also view and share them directly from my facebook and instagram account. Let’s start with the Ayahuasca, San Pedro cactus, Psilocybin and Mapacho tobacco. The folder will be updated with more plants soon.

Please support the entheogenic revolution maturely and, as always, stay loved, safe and healthy.

You can find also find part 2 of the leaflets explaining Iboga, Peyote, Cannabis and Yopo in this entry.


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