Irake – a poem by Karol Liver

Thank you plant medicine

for singing your soothing Ikaros endlessly in my ear
when all I could hear was my scream of defeat

for being my only consistent and loyal confidant
bound to watch me absolving myself from self-doubt I once placed upon me
persistently teaching me how to be forgiven

thank you

for letting the river of tears flow through my desiccated soul
to wash away the thorns of despair
and the seeds of darkness I unwillingly kept planting within

for wrapping your arms around me when the world felt apart
and when the darkest void came and consumed everything
and there was nothing left to hold onto
and the last light has dimmed

you were there
glowing in darkness

you were there
holding my hand when my other hand was occupied
holding the hands of the loved ones for the very last time
and letting those hands go

you gave me the strength to stand up
and move my paralyzed with hopelessness body
back to dance

thank you

for helping me to understand “enough”

is what I always was
and what I always am
and what I always will be

thank you for that night soaked in the neverending cacophony
of your wild envoys
delivering the final message…

I only watched you all that time, you said to me that night
but you, my child…

…you did it all by yourself

that night I have finally returned home

thank you

for taking me to the crystal-clear lake at the bottom of my soul
telling me to stare deeply into my depth
until the ultimate answer was found
the only reflection of self there is


20.02.2020 #thankyouplantmedicine

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