Inspired by the glowing beauty of nature, the precision of the sacred geometry, soaked in the mystery of the indigenous folklore and sprinkled by the shamanistic visions, welcome to


Imaginarium is a unique art and design endeavour serving as a source of ultra high definition (up to 200 megapixels), unique fractal design that can be used for endless purposes – from decor to prints, wall arts, promotional material to complex visualizations – ideal visual source code for creative communities, progressive festivals, psytrance spaces and inspirational events, covering vast functional spectrum, from single image to full throttle conscious art directing.


The art of conscious creationism

Imaginarium is the most potent spirit in the Pangean family – a conductor between the inspirational sources of my personal progression, Earth-rooted spirituality,  deep love to Mother Nature and fascination with indigenous shamanistic traditions from all over the world; a herbarium of consciously crafted artwork, inspired by numerous adventures to various places of power and the experience with powerful wisdom keepers, wrapped in the resplendent, eternally fascinating beauty of the terrestrial landscape.


Each piece is precisely crafted from hi-resolution source images, taken, edited individually and copyrighted by Karol Liver, source creator of Pangean. Each mandala is one of a kind, merged from dozens of carefully selected fragments and comes with its very own charge.

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Inspired by nature & indigenous folklore

Each mandala from Imaginarium florae has a unique story encoded into its petals, be a subtle shamanistic vision from Peruvian rainforest, a naturally created Hawaiian Temple of Water, or a Shrine of Light and Peace hidden in the depths of the Asian Jungle.

Each mandala is a statement of a glorious beauty of our planet.

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High definition fractal structure

Each mandala is a unique piece of high definition digital art. The fractal-like nature of the design, inspired by shamanistic visions and nature’s love for symmetry and geometrical patterns, allows prints to be enlarged or tiled to any desired size without losing their superb quality.


Examples of details representing 6% of the final image:


Exquisitely adaptive nature

Imaginarium takes what is the most inspirational from nature’s love to symmetry and the accuracy of sacred geometry in order to plant new life to your sacred space and flavour it with a hint of adventure, mysticism and mystery.

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Conscious art directing

Imaginarium serves as a remote studio and conscious art directing, so if you desire to enrich your space, event, festival, products or walls with a spark of sacredness and rays of love, please kindly get in touch.


How to order my designs, prints and products

I heartily invite you to browse through my prints and designs in the gallery. You can currently order my print-on-demand products at society6 and Design by Humans.

Should you like to place a personalized order or please get in touch with me via the contact page or contact me directly at

With love and light