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Thank you for taking time browsing through my space. Pangean is an independent project fully funded, run and managed by one dedicated person, Karol Liver.

I am making all the effort for this space to be clean, functional and inspirational and I believe in honest marketing practices. Pangean page and its social media will always be free from paid external ads and any form of malicious marketing, affiliate programs or deceptive practices. No forced newsletters, no pop-up windows and confusing “free” offers created only to grab your attention.

Instead, I am aimed to provide you with accessible, educational and practical content to benefit your personal growth and to promote health and safety in plant-based medicinal work. This applies to both the ARTICLES presented on this page and valuable social media content on my FB and INSTAGRAM.

However, to fund its current shape and allow content flow and regular updates, web design and domain and server costs, alongside future research and materials published I decided to open a few transparent ways for you to support it, at will.

4 Organic ways to support Pangean

You can help and support Pangean in many ways:

  1. by purchasing any of my beautiful products or arts at Society6
  2. by making a PayPal donation
  3. by inviting your friends to my social media, Facebook and Instagram
  4. by becoming my Patreon supporter (to be announced)

Browse through pangean design store

Another very practical and direct way of supporting Pangean is to browse through my store at Society6 and purchasing some of my products there.

Pangean offers a variety of home decors, clothes and home designs and ships worldwide. All designs and decors are made by me, inspired by nature and sprinkled with love. They are composed of images of various medicinal plants, natural retreats and magical places from my expeditions. Have a look at will.

For any kind of support I kindly thank you in advance.
Karol Liver, founder of Pangean Path