Welcome to Pangean Path, Meet the Conscious Wanderer

Welcome to Pangean Path, a research hub dedicated to cognitive intellectual evolution founded on four pillars of inspirational disciplines of: Art, Science, Traveling and Spirituality.

I have dedicated over decade of my life to study various disciplines and developed passionate love for art, photography, quantum physics, astronomy, astrobiology, sociology, theoretical science, from supermassive black holes to parallel universes to multidimensional nature of our existence.

I have studied through countless piles of books on archaeology and forgotten traditions of indigenous tribes. I was in awe to read about new solutions for sustainable design and green technology, space probes, neuroscience, and as a beautiful conclusion, I finally stepped onto the most amazing path of spiritual awareness and internal expansion with holotropic breathwork, mindfulness, Tsa Lung yogic exercises, healing songs (Icaros) and deeply immersive work with plant based medicines and alternative healing techniques. To my greatest excitement I was able to extend my already profound experiences with plant medicine and study at the source, with the most amazing teachers from the Shipibo community of Pauyan and the most beautiful carrier of Light, Maestra Juana Silvano Teco (Isa Yaka-Hummingbird), who apart from being incredibly powerful Curandera, is also known for her incredible knowledge of the body and specializes in massage and bone setting.

I am a curious cat that is not afraid to wander outside of box of a socially constructed frames on a quest to question everything. I am a devoted visual artist, founder of open source editorial collective called prism, educator and curator, TedX speaker (TedX Wroclaw, Poland 2013, on the subject of cognitive intelligence), passionate adventurer, spiritual Indiana Jones, truth seeking activist, freelance journalist and… one happy amazing human being. I do not follow mainstream media for over 15 years and, as a cool matter of fact, never even had a TV set in my whole adult life, but if it comes to connecting dots from alternative sources, books, documentaries and free media – this is my daily bread and best food for thoughts. There is so much to unpack and absorb.

To learn is to evolve.

I believe wisdom comes directly from the heart and it transmutes into pure passion. Once accessed this intuitive source of wisdom encoded in the structures of our DNA will gift you with life changing momentum and further guidance. And that’s where the real magic begin. Science, art and heart-wisdom, understood by me as Oneness, propelled us to the cultural, intellectual and technological pinnacle at which we stand today, on the edge of great quantum leap jump, the leap of faith toward Civilization Type I in Nikolai Kardashev’s scale – a conscious, advanced, compassionate planetary civilization that can harvest and store energy directly from our planet and our lovely yellow dwarf star, access to free sources, causing no damage to the ecosystem and respecting their own race and roots. I believe in free access to resources, beyond politics and fake agendas, I trust in technology serving our planet and its inhabitants, in green energy, Tesla solutions and sustainable initiatives like the the Venus Project. I believe in messages left for us in the ancient sites to be encoded. I believe in deep and meaningful symbiosis with our stunningly beautiful planet and that this collective shift is our first step into much advanced Civilization of Type II, III and, one beautiful day, type IV.

I go, therefore I am.

Wind is my companion. Alongside my scientific research I will be more than happy to share adventurous tips and take you to some beautiful hidden spots, sacred temples, archaeological sites and deep wilderness with beautiful images and detailed descriptions of indigenous cultures’ traditions and shamanistic practices. Being on the road works best when the path is stepped off. Conscious wanderers, unite!

Finally, I would love to use this platform to create an open space for artistic, scientific and spiritual collaborations around the World (I have traveled to over 30 countries in the last couple of years) and share inspirations and co-create with you lovely bunch of amazing folks, art curators, life and wellness coaches, photographers, models and all those beautifully connected souls I constantly meet on the road.

Thank you for taking your time to read about me. Please join me on my path if what you found here resonates with you in any form don’t be shy and drop me a line or use ASK ME button on the top of the page or contact me, if you would like to find more about me.

Please also join Pangean Path facebook page to keep track on my recent adventures and spontaneous posts. Irake, paz y luz, dear Creatures of Light!

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