Maestra Juana Isa Yaka sings Ikaros to Noya Rao Spirit

Maestra Juana mainly works with the spirits of Noya Rao, Mapacho and Ayahuasca. Her family is the carriers and guardians of the Noya Rao tree, or The Tree of Light, or ‘Camino a la Verdad’, which translates into ‘The path of Truth’.

Its spirit is said to carry the light of God. Juana is a humble healer. Her beautiful ikaros have helped many to navigate in the realm of the medicine, where she happens to swim lightly, like a lissome fish in the amazon river. With her healing songs, called ikaros piercing through the veil of night, she invokes plant spirits, protects the space from heavy energy and invites light to heal what is not wanted (see Healing with Ayahuasca).

Recorded under permission of Maestra Juana during my stay in Ucayali region and while learning from Juana over a few months long Sama (dieta with plants). Irake.

Juana works intuitively and peacefully with her people in a humble and intimate environment. Her way of approaching the medicine in the native territory often reminds of a family gathering.

If you also would like to learn more about the difference between experiencing medicine at the source in the jungle and doing dietas with native amazon tribes versus the experience of the medicine around the world, usually served in a quick weekend or week-long retreats you might like to read this article too.

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